Project: “Making the labor market work for vulnerable groups!”

Time: 3 Years (1 October 2018 – 30 September 2021)

Main Goal: People from vulnerable groups are better integrated in the labor market and their living quality has improved.

Objective 1: Integration into the labor market of the vulnerable group after their vocational training.

Objective 2: At the end of the project, PVTC No.1, Tirana, is able to independently implement the model implemented by DEV-AID throughout the project and together with PVTC No. 4 (where DEV-AID has implemented this model for the past three years) will become model centers for other PVTC’s in the district.

Main Activities:

  1. The establishment and operation of the social partners network made up of NGOs, business units and state entities with the focus on employment, for the account of PVTC No. 1, Tirana.
  2. Facilitation of professional practice and employment mediation for trainees who complete professional training at PVTC No.1, Tirana.
  3. Training PVTC No.1 staff from DEV-AID related to 4 training modules: public relations, communication and networking; case management; employment mediation; social sensitivity towards vulnerable groups.
  4. Establishment of social partners network in Dibra and Kukes counties.