Project: #doityourself

Time: 1.5 Years (8 December 2017 – 31 May 2019)

Partners: Ministry for Environment Energy and Climate Protection of the Niedersachsen Federation – Germany;

Bread for the World (BfdW) – Germany, Regional directorate of Public Vocational Training No.4 Tirana

Administrative Unit Kashar-Tirana

Main Goal: People from vulnerable communities has improved their living quality using the potential of solar energy.


  1. Awareness for the benefits of solar energy produced by using recycle materials is raised.
  2. Trainees of solar panel vocational training course are increasingly integrated in the labour market.
  3. Elementary schools of administrative unit Kashar-Tirana has heating during winter season.

Project Activities:

The pilot project #doityourself targets precisely the use of solar energy, totally in economically and ECO – friendly mode, using it as a source to contribute in improvement of the living quality of people from vulnerable communities. The action will contribute to:

  1. Raise awareness for the benefits of alternative energy produced by using recycle materials through: Awareness activities/campaigns to the communities of 9 villages of Kashar in regards of ECO systems, recycling, alternative energy and environment protection, in collaboration with local government; delivery of publicity materials to the stakeholders and the community; meetings with 30-35 business units (market sustainable bar/restaurants) on behalf of the collection of materials (recycled aluminium cans) to be used for the production of ECO solar panels for heating; installation of aluminium cans’ drop off boxes in premises of 30-35 bars and restaurants; informative meetings with the staffs of bar and restaurants in regards of the materials that will be collected for recycling by their premises (form, dimensions, quality, etc.); delivery of informative fliers in those bars and restaurant premises to raise awareness to the clients.
  2. Increasingly integration in the labour market and self-employment of solar panel vocational training course trainees of RDPVT No.4 through: inclusion to the curriculum of solar panel vocational training course of an annex that will explain the technique DIY of ECO solar panels for heating; put in practice DIY technique and production of 40 ECO solar panels during the course attention; training of the trainees of solar panel course on entrepreneurship and self-employment; market mediation for low costs ECO solar panels.
  3. The improvement of learning conditions in winter season of the pupils that attend the educational process by the elementary schools located in Kashar through: awareness activities with the schools and parent communities; installation of 40 ECO solar panels for heating in six schools of administrative unit Kashar (composed of 9 villages).