imp!act Training Event Tirana

Project: “imp!act Training Event Tirana”

Time: February 2016 – July 2016

Donors: Council of Europe supported by European Youth Foundation (EYF).

Partners: euforia Organization based in Switzerland


This pilot project will be implemented BY youth FOR youth as a training cycle, focused to show our generation that a real commitment in order to face global challenges (global warming, poverty, racism, etc.) is not only possible, but also necessary and desirable. Instead of dreaming about how we could save the world, we get young people to act, here and now! imp!act training event Tirana will be an unconventional, hands-on and fun training program.

On behalf of “imp!act Tirana”, DEV- AID will make together 30- 35 young people aged 15- 35 from Tirana which will be participants of the 4 days training program with the aim to build better skills and capacities, making possible for them to take an active role in society and creating better chances. Working with different groups every day, we noticed that young people have the energy and the desire to develop their selves and to be part of the labor market. In general, in our country the gap of the education and the labor market as well, are two components in transition. There are well trained persons that don’t have a job place and there are job places with the inappropriate trainees. The young people are well educated and full of dreams, but their education is very formal and with a lack of practice, lack of orientation, lack of career consulting and very inflexible. Being part in this training event will help them to take real actions, decisions, to be aware that in small and simple things they can change their life’s. Working in groups will bring a new outlook of participation and social cohesion. Bringing together young people from different backgrounds, culture, gender perspective etc. will enable them with a concrete project idea, autonomy, actions etc. According to 2014-2015 priorities of the Council of Europe’s Youth Sector, we strive to include these elements in the imp!act training event Tirana, as the main and crucial components that will enhance participation and social cohesion through education and training contributing to young people’s autonomy and a better transition from education to working life/ labor market.

imp!act training event Tirana has two main objectives:

  1. Inclusion of youth in a non-formal education program and make them active and independent.
  2. Improve youth’s capacities to design and manage a project idea.

This will be realized through:

  • gained skills in project management for working on their own projects.
  • gained experience-based training and get constructive feedback from a jury as well as experts.
  • learn to take on responsibility and co-create a more sustainable future as well as present.
  • joined a community of motivated and inspiring young people who want to have a positive impact and make “change making” a global lifestyle.
  • competences through non- formal education .
  • information/ be aware of youth priorities of Council of Europe Youth sector

After the training program, our long term goal is to implement their projects ideas, to spread the message among young people in Tirana and to contribute developing quality of a support system for youth. To make them aware of the priorities of the Council of the Europe’s Youth Sector and their support through the recognition of youth work and acquisition of competences in non-formal learning.