Project – “Making the labor market work for vulnerable groups!” – Phase 1

Time: 3 Years (1 October 2015 – 30 September 2018)

Partners: BfdW Germany; Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth / Regional Directorate of Public Vocational Training No.4 Tirana;

Main Goal: People from vulnerable groups are better integrated in the labor market and their living quality has improved.

-By continuing implementation of the model and gaining more experiences with a larger number of trainees of PVCT Nr. 4.

-By training 6 selected staff of PVTC Nr. 4 to become trainers in establishing, coordinating and sustaining SP-network, in job intermediating, in data base-set up/collecting/processing, organizational behavior and social sensitivity towards vulnerable beneficiaries.

-By developing and implementing action plans in each sector headed by key actors of the sector to promote their interest and to enforce the network among them.

-By establishing functional steering group of key actors established.

With the aim to achieve the objectives/outcomes as follow:


1. The courses offered by Public Vocational Training Center fit better to the requirements of labor market.

2. Vulnerable groups have better access to vocational training.

3. Vulnerable groups find increasingly stable jobs in the formal sector.

4. The conditions for replication (scaling) conditions for replication of the DEV-AID model in the other PVTCs of Albania are established.

Main Project Activities:

Related to Objective 1)

-Strengthening and enhancing the actual SP network of PVTC no.4

– Labor market study/survey

-Drafting the necessary documents

-Selection of staff


-PVTC staff assist implementation

-PVTC staff implements and is counseled and supervised by Dev Aid

-Documents revised

-Best staff is selected to support replication in third phase

Related to Objective 2)


-Raise awareness/campaigns/fliers

-Professional practice mediation

Related to Objective 3)

-Info point and career consulting

-Social intervention and psychological support

a) Psychological counseling

b) Informational activities

c) Community activities

d) Capacity development and socio-cultural activities

e) Awareness campaigns on different social topics

f) Environmental protection activities

-Legal assistance

-Employment mediation and job agreements

Related to Objective 4)


-Periodical meetings in the 1st phase on:

1. Enhance sustainability and achieve independent implementation of DEV-AID model:

2. Select the PVTC staff for training.

3. Develop and strengthen SP-network by enhancing inter-sectorial working groups on specific topics.

4. Assess, supervise and approve training and documents.

5. Select and confirm the best PVTC staff for implementation of 2nd year.

-Periodical meetings in the 2nd phase on prepare replication by:

1. Prepare the proposal for replication

2. Establish an in-depth analysis of context and status of the 9 PVTCs in view of replication at the end of 3rd year

3. Select PVTC staff for assisting replication

-Monitor implementation of the project and review after 1st phase and mandating evaluation at the end of this phase.