Project: “Capacity building of youth and youth organisations in Albania to influence Albania’s EU integration process”

Period: 01/08/2017 – 30/07/2019

Implementing Partners: FIC – Fagligt Internationalt Center / Forum for International Cooperation, Denmark

Shoqata DEV-AID, Albania

Financially supported by: CISU – Civil Society in Development, Denmark


Main Goal:

The capacity and knowledge among youth and youth NGO-s in Albania to influence Albania’s process for negotiations for integration in the European Union is build up.


  1. To build up the knowledge and the capacity among staff and volunteers in DEV-AID to develop a training programme to educate 10 other youth NGO’s and youth about Albania’s costs and benefits in relation to the EU integration
  2. To build up the capacity and train staff and volunteers in 10 youth NGO’s in Albania to influence Albania’s EU integration process and involve their different target groups of youth as active citizens in this process
  3. To establish a Youth Platform to influence the Albanian EU integration process
  4. To organize education and awareness razing activities for youth at universities and in youth organizations and to organize an Albania Youth Summit on Europe.

Main Indicators:

The staff of DEV-AID is trained in a 5 days intensive TOT training program on European values, Albanian European integration, and its costs and benefits in the daily life. Part of the training program is also a strategy of cooperation between DEV-AID and other youth organizations (other NGOs), which will build their capacities on education of young people to an active democratic citizenship to influence Albania’s EU integration process.

One education program for youth in European integration and democracy is developed.

The knowledge and the capacities of DEV-AID staff and voluntaries (raised by the training program) will be shared with other 10 youth organizations (other NGOs) through delivering training sessions for the staff and voluntaries of other NGOs.

A consortium/network of Albanian youth NGO-s is established.

A Youth Platform to influence Albania’s EU negotiation and decision processes (citizens – civil society dialog with a participatory approach) is in place.

1 500 students, 100 of each 5 faculties of Tirana University will be aware about Albanian European integration and its costs and benefits in their daily life, through 5 info sessions conducted by the trained staff and voluntaries of DEV-AID.

Youth Summit for Europe with the participation of at list 200 youth from all over Albania will be held.