Project: “Peer Power in Combating Gender Based Violence”

Period: 6 months (01/06/2017- 01/12/2017)

Implementing Partner: DEV- AID, Albania

Supportive partner: EPTO, Belgium

Financially supported by: Council of Europe supported by European Youth Foundation (EYF).

Main Goal: To prepare an open-minded new generation, unprejudiced from gender stereotypes, and completely against gender-based violence, using a peer education program designed to be used after by the participants in their daily work in formal and non-formal educational settings.


  1. Promoting and making useful in local level, the Gender Matters” Manual (click on the Link to open and download the manual in Albanian Language) and “Toolkit for quality peer education”.
  2. Strengthening the capacities of youth workers, school psychologists and volunteers related to gender based violence in their daily work with young people.
  3. Encouraging participants to develop their photographing ability as an alternative way to raise awareness against gender based violence.

Main indicators:

  • On developing a network of local youth workers dealing with gender based violence among young people.
  • 20-25 youth workers will build their capacities of the individual knowledge, skills and experience based on non-formal learning activities.
  • 20-25 youth workers will be equipped with proper tools in order to replicate their acquired knowledge within their work context.
  • Approximately 100 young people will participate during the follow up sessions/workshops.
  • Social media/Facebook page will serve as an open space dedicated to the promotion of picture exhibition on combating gender based violence contributing to active citizenship and free speech.
  • The number of gender based violence cases reported from young people will be increased.

Project Activities:

  1. Kick-off meeting of DEV-AID and /stakeholders.
  2. Introduction and familiarization of the Coaching Module on Peer Education and with the Council of Europe “Gender Matters” manual.
  3. Meetings with stakeholders/ youth organizations.
  4. Preparation and lunching of the call for participants.
  5. Finalizing of the agenda/ program over view and the timeline of the project.
  6. Preparation of publicity materials, handouts/training materials.
  7. Selection of the participants.
  8. Informing the stakeholders about the flow of the project.
  9. Contacting the participants about the ending of the selection process and informing the selected participants with the full information/ info pack.
  10. Organizing the 5- days training event on 23th – 27th October, 2017.
  11. Follow up/ that will consists in analyzing and organizing 3 different info session in 3 different youth organizations with the main topics: Peer education and gender based violence.

Follow Up_Video