Project – “Better network makes the labour market work!”

Duration: 10 months – (3 September 2014 – 30 September 2015)

Partners: Embassy of USA, Tirana; Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth;

Main Goal: Giving to Public Vocational Training Center No.1 the know-how of the mechanisms for a better interaction and networking with different NGO-s working with vulnerable groups to increase the access in the public services for this target group, surveying the labor market through networking with business sector to ensure that training is relevant to this market and employment needs, as well as giving models of effective intermediation between possible employers and trainees job seekers, the project aims to make the labor market work for center’s trainees through employment mediation.


  1. Give better access to Public Services (PS) to social excluded groups increasing the attendance and avoid the drop out.
  2. Make the Labor Market (LM) work for social excluded groups.

Main projects activities:

– Contribute on the creation and consolidation of a sustainable network of social partners for the Public Vocational Training Center.

– Survey the labor market and give the best practice to ensure that training is relevant to the market and employment needs.

– Ensure integration and employability through empowering the links with business sector and job mediation.