Project – “Making the labor market work for vulnerable groups!”

Time: 18 months (1 April 2014 – 30 September 2015)

Partners: HEKS Switzerland; BfdW Germany; Ministy of Social Welfare and Youth;

Main Goal: “Make the Labor Market work for social excluded groups, through strengthening the synergies between Vocational Training (VT) and the Labor Force requested from the market, involving in the system potential employers and NGO-s working with underdeveloped communities.”

Through this project intervention, is aimed to give assistance on improving the quality of vocational training public services in order to make these services useful for the proper beneficiaries, to raise awareness and do better propaganda, making them more accessible from the population, especially from vulnerable groups. It aims particularly to build up a model of multifunctional services that a VT center can provide for its beneficiaries. This will lead on the improvement of the quality of life of vulnerable groups, newly integrating or reintegrating them in the Labor Market through better access to public vocational training services and job mediation.


  1. Improved match between and among the key-actors of vocational education as well as the key actors of integration into the labor market.
  2. Improved access of vulnerable groups to vocational education.
  3. Improved employability of vulnerable groups.
  4. Improved integration of vulnerable groups into the labor market.

Main Project Activities:

– Contribute on the creation and consolidation of a sustainable network of social partners for the Public Vocational Training Center.

– Empower and improve the existed links between stakeholders of PVTC and LM.

– Put in place an “Info Point”, providing general information, socio-psychological support, legal assistance and ensuring professional practice places for the PVTC’s target group.

– Survey the labor market and give the best practice to ensure that training is relevant to the market and employment needs.

– Ensure integration and employability through empowering the links with business sector and job mediation.